I blogged in late June about the potential for an online group or event called Teachread after conversations between several of us on Twitter. It became very clear after reading the comments from people on the blog that the original title was considered too teacher based and could exclude other groups. The suggestion which resonated the most was Read4joy (which the pedant in me had to change to include written language!)

For so many people reading can give the reader joy, knowledge, power, calm, inner strength and so many other things. The written word has the power to captivate the reader, to provoke the strongest emotions and debates - Read for Joy is designed to share as many of these books as possible. Talking to keen to readers it is clear that they always have a series of significant books - in the case of a taxi driver I spoke to last week it was The Very Hungry Caterpiller which was signficant in the childhood of all her children.
Many of us will be able to cite classic books which we remember from our own childhood and the aim of this site is to bring together different people's experiences of texts to share. The intention is that we can then introduce these classics and the classics of tomorrow to the readers of today.

As a result we will have to have two types of book lists - one simply a list of books for age groups whilst the second could be a more detailed list with a brief synopsis and details of themes involved.

Please sign up and then add titles of books which you have read completing briefly each of the sections of the table. This is not intended to be onerous or time consuming.
This link shows how easy it is to edit a page and add your book recommendations.

Many thanks!

The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go. - Dr Seuss